Here we present some of the most interesting sights you must visit and experience during your stay with us!
Fans of activities and sports can enjoy biking, hunting and fishing, rafting on the river Kupa which is 7 km from Skrad. If even that is not enough to recommend the excursions to the source Kupica, Lokvarsko lake where they caught some of the largest trout in the world, forest park loft, Fužine lake, canyon "Kamačnik", and hikers will certainly enjoy climbing on the famous Skradski vrh. There are several vantage points. Kavranova stijena, symbol Skrad, a huge boulder in the shape of a human head, peering from deciduous forests on the slopes Skradski  vrh. Not far from the rock lookout KAVRAN Perič with a special view to Skrad and Kupa valley.
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Do not miss to visit the resort Zeleni Vir, which has several hiking and mountain trails. It is a powerful source at the bottom of a shallow, spacious cave over its entrance loomed vertical cliff 70 m high, a series of crashes picturesque waterfall, creating a brilliant curtain of water. It was named after the green water in the pond in the cave.
Another attraction is the 800-meter-long canyon Vrazji prolaz, one of the most beautiful canyons Croatian, notorious names, but the heavenly beauty and Muzevu hizu, a cave which was the former population Skrad served as a refuge from the Turks.
In Skrad particularly cherishes the tradition of mushroom growing in the forests that surround it and you'll find many different types of edible mushrooms. He is also known blueberry liqueur that is indigenous product of Skrad, and you can buy it at a nearby farm-in.
During your visit in winter, you can enjoy the winter, snowball fights, sledding and skiing ...
Friendly hosts promise that it will be one of the more interesting holiday.

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